A totally new approach to charitable giving

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Who’s Little Phil?

Unless we’re face to face, how can we truly experience the feeling of giving?

It’s unclear where our money is going. It feels like we’re not making an impact.
We don’t emotionally connect with the receiver.

But Little Phil can solve these problems.

Little Phil applies blockchain technology so givers can:

  • Follow funds transparentlyTrack money all the way to the cause
  • Track your philanthropy impactBe acknowledged by the receiver
  • Create a good momentShare a Little Phil good moment with them

This more efficient way of fundraising will empower charities to focus on what they’re great at.

Little Phil Platform app

Our Little Philosophy

Philanthropists are smart, successful people. They freely choose to give and do so on their terms, not because they’re pressured or guilted into it. They have control over what they give and feel good about their impact.

Now anybody can be a philanthropist

We believe

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Industry problems and Little Phil’s solutions


High-pressure sales tactics

Traditional charitable marketing interrupts our dinner with pushy phone calls or jumps out in front of us when we’re shopping. Their messaging often makes us feel guilty or uncomfortable. Research shows people are less likely to give when these tactics are used.*

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Emotional connection

Little philanthropists give on their terms, on their device, whenever they want to. It’s easy to find receivers they care about and see where their money is going. They experience the rewarding feeling of giving otherwise only available face to face - which encourages them to re-engage and share.


Am I making an impact?

Nearly 60% of younger generations agree that seeing the impact of their donation significantly affects their decision to give*, but normally such visibility is only accessible to large donors.

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Proof of Impact

Givers have peace of mind knowing their funds can only be used as intended. Payments to suppliers are held in a smart contract until the receipt of goods or services is validated by the receiver’s UDID. The giver is immediately notified of the outcome for their receiver.


Is this a genuine cause?

Fraudulent beneficiaries receiving assistance from multiple charitable sources (at the expense of those genuinely in need) can be a common issue facing charities.

Proof of Need

Before a receiver can be listed on the platform, a Unique Digital Identity (UDID) is created using biometric data. This is cross referenced on the UDID chain to prevent double up and minimise potential for fraud, providing givers an assurance they are not being taken advantage of.


How much money actually gets through?

When we do give money, we can’t track where it goes. Sometimes as little as 17% of donations actually end up being spent on the causes advertised (Yes the marketing intermediary keeps 83%)*. Charities also have to pay these marketing expenses up front, making it hard for smaller organisations to gain exposure.

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Immutable Public Ledger

All transactions and costs are visible on the Little Phil blockchain. To maintain this platform and work with charities to drive better awareness of causes and distribution of funds, charities are charged just 6% per transaction. This also levels the playing field for smaller charities.

“Millennials expect transparency, sophisticated storytelling and technical savvy from their charitable organizations. And many donors will not only give money, but will also volunteer and lend the force of their own social networks to a cause they believe in… they want to be able to see and measure how those gifts are making a unique impact.”
~ Nicholas Fandos — Congressional correspondent for The New York Times

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Founding Team

Josh Murchie

Chief Executive Officer

Australian Student Volunteer of the Year, with a double degree in International Business & Commerce and a Masters in IT; Josh has a unique blend of business and technology skills with a passion for social-change.

Nathan Archer

Managing Director

Holds a master’s degree in commerce and is an adjunct finance lecturer with Griffith University. Has a background in professional derivatives trading and has worked in buy-side private equity.

John Robertson

Chief Technology Officer

Over 15 years experience in Software Engineering, leadership and management within an IBM Security R&D lab. With a background in Cybersecurity and IT security protocols, John is a keen protagonist of Blockchain platforms and technologies.

Greg Ellis

Marketing & Product

Considered a pioneer in the Australian microfinance industry, co-founding one of Australia’s most successful Fintech companies, Nimble Money.

Benjamin Harvey

Community Manager

10 years of client relations experience in the banking and higher education sectors. Specialises in applying psychological theory to enhance positive consumer experience.

Craig Gillam

Creative Director

A senior designer with over 10 years experience in branding, user experience and graphic design. Craig has worked with some of Australia’s most exciting start-ups and established brands.

Mathew Sayed

Blockchain Development

DevOps Engineer specialising in back-end development, with extensive knowledge and passion for blockchain and distributed ledger technology, data science and cryptography.

Cameron Slabosz

Product Manager

Cameron is an innovation expert who led a team of data scientists who pioneered advanced real time, automated credit risk assessment for Australia’s leading microfinance provider, Nimble.

Nate Sanchez-Goodwin

Software Engineer

Full-stack developer of apps and websites. Nate has been developing native apps as part of the core iOS team for Anonyome Labs - an international privacy company.

Matthew Shipman

Software Engineer

Software Engineer specialising in mobile and web full-stack development along with secure software development.

Ashleigh Lawrence

Social Media Manager

Ashleigh is a social media influencer and marketer with a monthly reach of over 100k+. With a Bachelor of Commerce, she is combining her business knowledge with her knowledge of social media marketing.

Laura Luck


Laura Luck has spent almost a decade in marketing and communications. Armed with her Journalism and PR qualifications, she's held in-house positions as lead writer for financial services and fintech companies.

Our advisors

Little Phil Advisor Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos

Investment Banking for Citibank, Barclays Capital in London and Rennaissance Capital in Moscow

Little Phil Advisor C.J Fong
C.J Fong

Former VP at Morgan Stanley and Senior Director at Nomura

Little Phil Advisor Professor Ned Pankhurst
Professor Ned Pankhurst

Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor at Griffith University

Little Phil Advisor Josh Hunt
Josh Hunt

Legal Advisor - Hopgood Ganim Lawyers

Little Phil Advisor Dr Craig Cameron
Dr Craig Cameron

Senior Lecturer in Corporations Law at Griffith University

Little Phil Advisor Professor Neal Ryan
Professor Neal Ryan

Adjunct Professor at Griffith and Curtin University - Corporate Governance and Compliance

Little Phil Advisor Dr Jolon Faichney
Dr Jolon Faichney

Director of Griffith University App Factory

Little Phil Advisor Dr Tracey West
Dr Tracey West

Lecturer at Griffith University - Behavioural Finance expert

Little Phil Advisor Dr Katherine Hunt
Dr Katherine Hunt

Lecturer at Griffith University - Microfinance Specialist

Little Phil Advisor Dr Kelvin Ross
Dr Kelvin Ross

Founder of KJR - Software and Quality Assurance Expert

Little Phil Advisor Dr Jane Thomason
Dr Jane Thomason

CEO of Blockchain Quantum Impact - British Blockchain Council and Philanthropic industry expert

Little Phil Advisor Antonio Raunelli
Antonio Raunelli

Country Operations Manager at the FutureSense Foundation

Little Phil Advisor Brett Lush
Brett Lush

Charity Insights and UX Guidance

Little Phil Advisor Brendan Brewster
Brendan Brewster

Charity Insights and Software Development

Little Phil Advisor Ashish Gaurav
Ashish Gaurav

Investment Banking for Standard Chartered Bank

Little Phil Advisor Sean Braybook
Sean Braybook

Public Relations Professional

Little Phil Advisor Selva Esra
Selva Esra

Head of Technology, FMTPT Data. Blockchain Architect. Formerly at JPMorgan, CitiBank & Royal Bank of Scotland


Download our whitepaper to learn more about Little Phil.

Whitepaper v1.4— Oct 2018

What is Little Phil Coin?

The Little Phil Coin (LPC) powers our philanthropy platform. It enables quick and trustless transfer of goods, services or currency between a giver and receiver from anywhere in the world.

We can ensure each transaction is transparent by using an immutable public ledger. Proprietary Unique Digital Identities (UDID) will be used to validate receivers and initiate smart contracts, ensuring funds are only used when the desired impact is confirmed.

Little Phil Platform Overview DiagramLittle Phil Platform Overview Diagram


LPC will be offered with a variable bonus rate throughout the ICO process. The token generation event will create and distribute a maximum of 1bn LPC.


Token Sale Contributors


LPC will be offered with a variable bonus rate throughout the ICO process. The token generation event will create and distribute a maximum of 1bn LPC.

40% Token Sale Contributors

Issued immediately via smart contract with trading paused until completion of ICO.

15% The Team

50% of these tokens will be will be locked by the smart contract for 6 months and the remaining 50% locked for 12 months.

15% Business Development

Held for future expenses, partnerships, business development, marketing and strategic acquisitions.

15% Little Phil Projects

To increase LPC adoption and further develop the logistical ecosystem by means of sustainable development programs and local infrastructure for end-receivers of LPC donations.

10% Early Backers and Advisors

For helping us to launch the project.

3% Bounty Program

To create a bug bounty and an engagement bounty. Any unused tokens will be allocated to the LPC Projects Pool.

2% Airdrops

For promotional activities and incentives.

Reward structure

Bill Gates character Little Phil
Private SaleSoft Cap (LPC)Hard Cap (LPC)
50ETH+ Buyers (contact us)50m250m
Public ICO
Pre-sale (includes 40% bonus LPC)SOLD100m
Tier 1 (includes 30% bonus LPC)3m15m
Tier 2 (includes 20% bonus LPC)2m15m
Tier 3 (includes 10% bonus LPC)1m10m
Tier 4 (No bonus).5m10m
Total LPC (Pre-ICO + ICO)80m400m

Use of funds

Funds raised from the ICO will be applied to develop the Little Phil product and expanding our reach.

40% Product Development

Expansion of the Little Phil platform, hire additional blockchain and machine learning (AI) developers.

30% Business Development

Onboard non-profit organisations on the Little Phil platform.

Secure partnerships with others in the blockchain ecosystem to increase the token usability.

Collaborate with companies to develop corporate social responsibility programs based on LPC.

20% Marketing & Comms

Increase awareness through PR and marketing campaigns.

Build strong local communities and provide support to charitable activities.

Hire new division and expand effort internationally.

10% Reserve Funds

Provide liquidity for future monetary policies and platform functionalities.

Use of funds

Funds raised from the ICO will be applied to develop the Little Phil product and expanding our reach.


Product Development

Technical Roadmap

Early 2017
  • Little Phil ideation
  • Founder team formed
Q3 2017
  • Financial and market modelling
  • Start seed round fundraising
Q4 2017
  • Secured seed funding
  • Formed core team
  • Formed advisory board
  • Branding & UI/UX design
Q1 2018
  • Draft whitepaper
  • Onboarding initial charities
  • Employ blockchain development team
Q2 2018
  • Develop smart contract
  • Launch ICO website
  • Integrate KYC/AML process, external government accreditation verification integration
  • Bounties open
Q3 2018
  • Charity onboarding
  • Expand team - Bus Dev, Marketing & Projects
Q4 2018
  • Community alpha testing
  • Open Pre-sale
  • Open Main ICO
  • Internal beta testing
Q1 2019
  • Public product launch; iOS app, Web platform
  • Exchange listings
  • Emergency relief fund live
Q2 2019
  • Android app
  • Crypto payment integration
  • Atomic swaps
  • LP - philanthropy project 1 kick-off
Q3 2019
  • Rewards marketplace
  • Supplier chain integration
  • Supplier marketplace

Media / News

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